Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Belts: Mimi Di N.

I have loved and enjoyed buckle sets since the late 1970s and 1980s, so it should be no surprise to anyone I absolutely love the work of Mimi Di N. You can visit her website to view her current catalogue.

She offers some items in precious metals by request. Many gold-tone items are gold-plated, and she also offers silver and silver-tone, lead free.
The Faux leather belt strips are also available.

Pieces are signed, and have original copyright date on the back/inside of buckle(s).
I've noticed much of her current collection is featured with enamel paint, which is interesting. Maybe she has created them for a long time and I was simply unaware, but regardless, it's a nice twist away from the traditional gold and silver tones.

I have many buckle sets featured in my store; Simply search using keywords "buckle set."
You can also search by desired design or subject matter, such as bird, leaf, heart, etc. or by name: Mimi di N.
Generally, there are many vintage belts on the Etsy website and various auction venues.

I usually offer many Mimi Di N designs as well as others including Jeanne Bouchever, Dotty Smith, etc. If you are looking for something special, do not hesitate to convo a request via Etsy.
I try to match them with genuine leather strips if available, and sometimes I find the buckle sets with the Mimi Di N faux leather straps. You can always order them from her site.

In the future, I will show my Mimi Di N collection here, as well as others.

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