Monday, December 27, 2010

ACCESSORIES:: Antique Cape Clasp- Carved Owl.

I love antique and vintage closures, buckles, Slides, Sash buckles, etc. Here is an interesting pair of carved owls probably used as a cape clasp. Very Gothic Feel. SOLD.


Cape Cloak/Clasp.

Owls are Black, but photos have been lightened to show detail.

These were sold to me by another dealer as wooden, hand carved figures with glass eyes. I had another individual view them and they agreed with this description.

The detail on the carving is slightly different on each bird.

They have metal findings and were originally used as a cape closure. I can just see these resting upright on a fur trimmed cape- their eyes eerily staring out.

They would need to be propped up on some sort of trim to set upright (see photographs of attached finding/closure to see how eyelets are mounted).

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