Monday, November 30, 2009

Etsy: Donovan Galvani Blouse

History: Donovan Galvani of Dallas

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"Born in Chicago, Mr. Galvani graduated fifth in his high school class and received a scholarship to the University of Chicago, where he graduated with honors in 1933.

He had a 20-year career in the garment industry in Chicago – rising from assistant comptroller to vice president of Reliance Manufacturing Co. – before moving to Dallas in 1953.

Mr. Galvani was recruited to be executive vice president of Justin McCarty Inc. in Dallas. Two years later, he purchased Donovan Manufacturing Co., which he renamed Donovan-Galvani of Dallas.

Mr. Galvani's son said his father liked the potential of the Dallas garment company, whose owner had lost the fire to succeed in the competitive business. Mr. Galvani used all his assets except his home and his life insurance policy to buy the company.

He started marketing the firm's garments to small-town dress shops, a change that helped make the business profitable the first year under his leadership. He also shared his success with his employees by introducing profit-sharing and a pension plan. He promoted his garments as

" 'Champagne styling at working-girl prices.' "

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

1940s Dress. Kathy's Mom.

Another Lovely dress my friend Kathy allowed me to showcase here. This dress was worn and possibly handmade by her mother in the 1940s. I hope soon to post a little more about her- she was a real beauty who was often called on to model back in the day; I'll ask Kathy to share a little about her.

Meanwhile, here is a dress she wore, and if I am not mistaken, for some sort of beauty pageant.

Note The Sleeves: I love how they were sewn and pleated to maintain their fullness.


PREVIEW: 1950s/60s Chiffon Formal by Mardi Gras.


Rhinestone Spaghetti Straps;
Sequined and Beaded Bodice;
Chiffon Overlay Skirt;
Golden Yellow!