Monday, April 11, 2011

Magazines: Modern Miss

New in the Library:

A family member (Thanks, Phyllis) kindly passed on two issues of this magazine titled Modern Miss: the Fashion Magazine for Home Economics and their Students, published by Simplicity Pattern company.

I have two issues, Fall and Winter for the year 1954.

Not only do the magazines advertise fabrics, patterns and various notions, they also include tips for sewing, dressing, grooming, and other things typically found in a Home Economics publication (A"Life Skills" course of today).

The typical confusion among youth regarding menstruation was addressed in small print ads with pamplets available to clear up any misconceptions:

"It's Natural, It's Normal," Being one title.

My memories of Home Economics circa 1984 include the making of iced thumbprint cookies; a green wrap-skirt with the popular preppy alligator pattern, and the day the teacher gathered us in a circle to watch her cover a banana with a flesh-toned latex tube without advanced warning.

"Okay, does everyone understand how to use the condom? "

There were a few heads nodding, and Silence broke by intermittent giggles.

"Okay, back to your desk and open your books...."

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