Monday, June 22, 2009


Hello Vinties!

Many of you may remember me from my occasional sell on Ebay. I had a brief stint on Babylon before making a home on Etsy. Eventually I plan to create my own selling site, but Etsy has been such an enjoyable place; I'm surrounded by wonderful sellers, customers, browsers, not to mention the mass creativity!

A short essay about me written for my Etsy store:

I’ve always had a penchant for boots.

As a young girl, I loved nothing more than proudly stomping around in my Mother’s black velvet lace-ups, stacked heel and all. They were too large and I was too young, but that didn’t stop me. I flirted around with her satiny tops and begged to wear one to school; the fact that it was lingerie didn’t deter my interest. It was simply beautiful to me.

At 16, I participated in Teen Day, sponsored by a local boutique: “Margaret’s House of Fashions.” Each participant chose an outfit or two to “Model,” then had pictures taken in them. These photographs were displayed inside the store window, eventually judged by the photographer and store owner. Whoever was chosen as the most vivacious and photogenic won the outfit worn for the photograph.

It was the 80’s, and I modeled two ensembles:

1) A Red suede, full-circle western dress-with matching boots, and…(ahem)…braided headband;

2) Black leather Slacks -straight leg, now known as the skinny leg ; A matching cropped fitted jacket, with the softest ever hot pink cashmere sweater underneath. I can still smell the newness of it all.

Did I mention it was the 80’s?

I never won the contest, but my mother bought me the red dress anyhow (My avatar is a photo of her at the age of 17, By the way).

Once, an associate at Margaret’s gave me several fashion trade magazines, and I poured over these, viewing artist’s illustrations and attempting to sketch a few versions of my own. I dreamed of becoming a professional illustrator.

Another boutique called “The Clothes Tree” was my favorite for accessories. They inspired me to collect belts, the bigger the better, some, which I still have in my collection.

Later in life, I worked full-time in a florist before taking a job at a photography lab where I worked as a photographic retouch artist. Then, I fulfilled a lifelong dream of going to College. Life, being the unpredictable force that it is, had its way, and I fell back into my creative roots. It was a difficult time, but eventually became the best thing that ever happened to me.
Again I work as a floral designer, only part-time, though I am a vintage seller ALL the time. You wouldn't believe all the fun I am having!

For me, fashion has always been about creativity and self-expression, and Vintage takes us into another realm, both literally and figuratively: I love to buy a dress with an accompanying story, or a purse with a 30-year-old theater ticket tucked away inside a pocket. When I am fortunate enough to acquire such, I will be sure to pass them on to you. Yet, most of the time we just have to use our imaginations regarding the past lives of our vintage finds, and proceed to make our own history.

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